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We have a collection of 5 Poetry quotes from George Murray

"Even the people who have had success and made money writing these books of fiction seem to feel the need to pretend it's no big deal, or part of a natural progression from poetry to fiction, but often it's really just about the money, the perceived prestige." (ID 35497)

"I've often entertained paranoid suspicions about my fridge and what it's been doing to my poetry when I'm not looking, but I never even considered that my fan was thinking about me." (ID 35523)

"The poetry community here has been extraordinarily welcoming." (ID 35524)

"Humour is a fine line to walk in poetry, as in fiction. I just think it's harder to write. It's harder to keep the respect of the reader too." (ID 35525)

"Then I discovered I loved writing poetry more than fiction." (ID 35526)

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