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We have a collection of 4 Poetry quotes from Caroline Kennedy

"When you're going through something, whether it's a wonderful thing like having a child or a sad thing like losing somebody, you often feel like 'Oh my God, I'm so overwhelmed; I'm dealing with this huge thing on my own.' In fact, poetry's a nice reminder that, no, everybody goes through it. These are universal experiences." (ID 35177)

"Poetry is really a way of sharing feelings and ideas." (ID 35352)

"The biggest problem is people are afraid of poetry, think they can't understand it or that it will be boring." (ID 35353)

"I never thought I'd be doing poetry books. I never really studied poetry. But the first one I did was after my mother died, and I realized that people sort of think and talk about her style and fashion, but in fact, what made her the person she was was really her love of reading and ideas." (ID 35354)

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